100+ Free Cover Page Templates for MS Word

A Cover page, also known as the title page, is the first or representative page of a thesis, assignment, or any written document that it proceeds. It contains important information regarding the document or the topic which is being discussed. It is a concise, well-written, informative, and formal page the document.


Cover pages are not flooded with information. They only serve the purpose of letting everyone about what the documents hold. It creates an outline in the mind of the reader regarding the contents of the documents. Contents of this page may vary from document to document, but the overall pattern remains unchanged.

A cover page represents the following useful information,

  • Title of the document
  • Name of author
  • Name of the institution
  • The subject of the topic
  • Date

Cover pages are designed in different formats to contain different information. The type of format used for a particular document is decided by the author, but it is important for every such page to contain the above-mentioned information.

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There are millions of designs that can be used for cover pages. Mostly, the documents of students have great cover pages.

These pages can be customized according to the will of the author. Blank pages can be used to add text and other data. Pictures and other patterns can be added that give it a new look. Using pictures related to the topic, which is being discussed in the document, is very common. Before reading the title, readers can guess the subject of the document by observing these pictures.

For instance, adding pictures of plants or any crop for agriculture subject can change the page significantly. Authors choose the desired font size and style for the text. Additionally, color schemes can also be customized, and shapes and designs can be added. These shapes can be given different textures and effects to make them look more presentable. Thus, a lot of options are provided on a single platform to customize the desired cover page.

Moreover, templates of cover pages are freely available here that are ready to be used after adding the contents of the document. All these templates are fully editable and customizable using Microsoft Word.

Templates provided by this platform are based on different topics to further provide ease to the students. Some of the cover page templates include,

  1. Survey Research Paper
  2. Problem/Solution Research Paper
  3. Experimental Research Paper
  4. Compare and contrast Research Paper
  5. Cause and Effect Research Paper

All the cover pages of a research paper are supposed to be neat. Related pictures and texts can be added to the page, but care should be taken in arranging them on the cover page. Pictures and texts should not overlap as it leads to difficulty in reading.

You can find dozens of free samples here for your use. All these sample templates can be easily downloaded and altered according to your requirements.


Cover pages are majorly used to give an idea to the reader about the document they are about to read. Due to these, readers identify the work of an author at a glance.

Additionally, it also adds a neat and formal look to the overall task. This might take away a reader’s attention from finger smudges or any dirty mark that may cause a bad impact. Some documents get folded or have creases that may give an overall bad look, but they can still be saved by using a well-designed cover page.


Designing exceptional cover pages does not require any science as they can be designed in a matter of an hour. All the tools are provided by the application, and we just have to fill a blank page according to our needs. But there are some factors that should be considered while designing cover pages, these are mentioned below,

  • Do not use bright or funky colors on the cover page of a formal or professional document
  • Use decent and informative pictures to impart the idea of the topic to the reader’s minds
  • Do not overcrowd the page with excessive pictures. Keep the numbers limited
  • Use readable font size and style for text otherwise, it would not serve its purpose
  • Make sure to design within the margins of the page so that its hard copy also looks preventable
  • Do not provide any information about your work or document on the cover page
  • Mention the name and designation of the supervisor or employer if necessary
  • While using templates, make sure to adjust the style according to the need of the document
  • The topic mentioned on the cover page should be bold and present in the center so that it can be read by everyone
  • Use correct spellings of every word on the cover page because wrong spellings can put a bad impression of the document before it is read