Vehicle Accident Incident Report in MS Word

Accidents are inevitable. They just happen either as a result of someone’s negligence or due to some unforeseen circumstances. The vehicle incident accident report is made to report any damage caused to a vehicle as a result of an accident that is owned by either an institute or organization. The damage is reported by the driver of the vehicle to the organization. One must still have a check on him in order to make sure that he does not manipulate information.

Elements of the report

Name of the driver: Companies own cars for which they hire drivers through them they complete their routine transportation issues. If a driver goes out for work on a company vehicle and meets an accident, then in the reporting of the same the driver's name must be mentioned.

Personal or company use: It must also be verified that did the driver take the car for his personal use or for the company matters when the accident took place.

Previous record: Does the driver hold a previous record of the accident, if so then the same should be written.

Route: It must be mentioned that where was the driver going when the accident took place.

Date and time: The date and time of the accident must be written.

Vehicle name and registration number: The name of the vehicle which has been damaged must be written along with its registration number.

Insured or not: It must be looked upon that whether the damaged vehicle was insured or not. Moreover, it must be detailed out that was it a new or old vehicle.

Details of damage: The details of all the damage caused to the vehicle must be written. The expenses are dealt with afterward.

Damage caused: It must be written that to what extent has the vehicle been damaged. Has the vehicle been damaged through the accident very badly or there were only minor damages caused?

Hurt anyone: Did the driver hit any other individual when the accident occurred or any other vehicle as a result of the accident.

Any other person? Was there any other individual present with the driver at the time of the accident? If so then his name must be stated and information must also be collected from him.

All these details must be uncovered in order to get a true picture of the accident. The details must be compiled well in the report. It just made sure that nothing remains hidden when making the report.

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