Employee Incident Report in MS Word

The employee accident incident report is made whenever an incident takes place within the premises of the workplace with an employee. It is a very important document as it helps maintain safety standards as helps overcome the faults due to which any previous accident would have taken place. Previously hit things are controlled in the light of precautionary measured which have been taken by the organization in order to avoid future mishaps.

Role of organization

It is not very common that an employee meets an accident in the workplace. Unfortunately, if one faces such an accident then it is the organization who intervenes in the matter and exhales details regarding the accident.

What must be done when an employee meets an accident?

Whenever an employee meets an accident in the workplace it is the responsibility of the organization to investigate the matter and find out the cause of the accident. All the information through the investigation process is then compiled in the form of a report.

Why reporting is important?

The importance of reporting can be discovered by the fact that if any accident goes unreported it may give leverage to the individual guilty of the accident to perform it more than once. In other words, if at a moment an accident was done unintentionally, the same may be repeated intentionally as one would be certain that no one would enquire him or anyone.

Elements of a report

Name of employee: The employee's name along with his current designation and employee ID must be written.

Date/time/place: It must be written that at what time of the day did the accident took place and where did it happen for e.g. the accident might have happened in a particular department or a particular section of the building.

How: How did the accident take place? Listing down the series of events that became part of the accident in this section would help to draft the picture more clearly.

Eye witness: Names of the eyewitnesses must be written. It must also be stated that how many were they in number.

Details: Details from the eyewitnesses must be collected on an individual basis i.e. one at a time and not all collectively. This reduces the chances of manipulation of information.

Employee: Information from the employee must also be collected with no other individual present as it might confuse the employee while presenting facts.

Injuries: Did the employee sustain any injuries through the accident? If so then the same must be written.

All this information is drafted in a report through proper investigation.

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