Security Incident Report Form

A security incident is an event that is reported by the security guard who was on duty at the time of the incident. The incident may have been a possible threat to the security of the institute or organization which has led him to report the incident. As said above that the security guard is the only person who has actually seen the incident taken place so he eventually becomes the one to report what has happened in his own words. There might be some eyewitness to the incident if any is present then their names must also be written.

Why report?

Reporting a security incident is very important as non-reporting may put a possible question mark on the security guard’s credibility in the long run. If by any chance he hides the incident and the officials come to know of it some other time, then he may get stuck in a bad situation.

Key elements of the report

Date and time: The date and time of the incident must be stated clearly.

Incident reporter: The security guard who has reported the incident, his name must be written as it is possible to have guards working in shifts.

Shift time: The shift time for which the guard works must be stated.

When and how: Information must be collected from the guard with respect to when and how the incident took place. Who was responsible for it? It must also be clarified through further investigation that was the incident due to the guard’s fault or not? If so, then the same must be stated.

Scenario: The real picture of the incident must be sketched with respect to the time sequence as to what happened first and what at last.

As the person reporting is a security guard there may be some pieces of facts that might remain untold or which the guard must have forgotten to state. For this reason, the investigating team must remain intact with the security guard for the collection of additional information required. It through investigation, it is found that some other individual was also the part of the event then the same must be added to the report with the name of individuals who have been the part of the incident.

There are instances where the security persons themselves are responsible for security issues, if this is the case then the same person is penalized according to the rules and regulations.

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