4+ Editable Scrapbook Templates for MS Word – [Download Free]

You’ve all made scrapbooks when we were young. Some of you might still be keeping ones in your cupboards, guess what it’s never too late for the scrapbook obsession! We’re not here to tell you how you can build a biology class scrapbook, an art one, or the one with memories from your childhood. Rather, we’re here to introduce a digital revolution in your artistic adventure. Stay tuned!

With everything going over the media and getting modern, scrapbook made a jump to the bandwagon too. For those who love art and crafts, there are options over the internet that prevent you from rushing to bookstores and stalls. You can simply download templates from our website (scroll down this page to find links and screenshots). We have plenty of options available.


Download Ready-made Templates

Find below four beautifully and professionally designed scrapbook formats for Microsoft Word for free of cost. Each of these is designed with a nice layout along with an option to add your photos easily. You can simply add/replace photos with your own by browsing your computer/mobile and selecting the one you like most. If you don’t know the way to change/add an image in MS Word, you can watch a simple tutorial at the link below.

How to add/change an image into shape in Microsoft Word

#1 – Art Scrapbook


#2 – Memories Scrapbook


#3 – Wedding Scrapbook


#4 – Vacation Scrapbook


Why is downloading scrapbook templates fun?

For the scrapbooking freaks, there were only a few options available in the past. They only had simple, plain, monotonous, and boring choices to choose from. However, now is when we’re making it 10 times more exciting!

Our scrapbooks are based on various themes, prints, patterns, and shapes, in accordance with events, etc.

We even have blank, minimalistic ones for those of you who prefer keeping it simple.

How can you make the most out of our fun scrapbooking options?

There are a few simple steps that can help you make it all the more enjoyable:

  • Keep a theme in your view: Starting without inspiration will lead you nowhere. Once you have a liking, theme, and mood in your mind you’re good to go.
  • Do not stick to what you find only: You can keep it basic and standard, but adding in a little bit of your own flair will make your book even better. Play with themes, colors, size, and fonts to give it a personalized touch! Boom, your personal scrapbook is ready to download.

What should a basic scrapbook layout look like?

There are certain elements that are common and “standard” in most scrapbooks. These are:

  • The cover page: The outermost page would let you add your name, the title, and other things such as a quote or your favorite saying.
  • Photo addition options: spaces would be provided for you to add pictures of your choice.
  • Journaling space: You would want to add text and write what you want to write to make your scrapbook memorable.
  • The page borders: These would vary from theme to theme. The border would be an additional oomph to your page outlook.

Provided above are a few ideas on how you can create a beautiful scrapbook for yourself. However, this is just the slightest of ideas for you, you can customize as much as possible. It is also a reminder of the fact that this cherished hobby should not be forgotten only because you think making these from scratch after collecting tons and tons of materials is hard. Rather, the templates available in the soft form must be utilized to showcase how timeless this activity can be!

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