Visitor Accident Incident Report

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It is very common in workplaces to have some guests visit them either for a new venture or for a business meeting but it is also very uncommon that out of all the guests who come to pay your company a visit come across an accident within the company premises. Now when this type of activity is monitored in organizations, it not only requires investigation but also the written form of the same in a form of a report. This report is known as the visitor accident incident report.

Purpose of the report

The sole purpose of designing the report is to know the root cause of the incident and take necessary actions accordingly. Another well served purpose of the report can be to look up the report for future references if the same situation is ever faced in the future.

Key elements of the report

Date of incident

The report must start with stating the date on which the incident took place.

Name of visitor and purpose of visit

The name of the visitor (gender must also be disclosed here) who had come to your company must be mentioned and along with it you also need to state his purpose of visit to the organization.

Place of accident

You clearly need to state in what part of the building did the accident actually took place.

Who was responsible

In the investigation report, you need to determine that who was responsible for the accident. Was it an unintentional act or was it due to negligence of some individual and if it was due to negligence then what made the individual neglect important details? Whatever be his statement, it must be written down as proof.

Damage and injuries

Were there any damages to movable property or injuries to a person as a result of the accident? If any object was damaged it must be mentioned and as far as injuries are concerned, then it must be written that who was injured and what type of injuries did it sustain during the process.

The person who is responsible for preparing the report must take full responsibility for the information stated therein and if he has doubts over some things then he should either state it in the report or tell the authorities about it. The report must present the picture of the accident so that the person reading it does not find it difficult to grasp the facts.

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