Equipment Damage Or Loss Or Theft Report Form

Equipment damage, loss, or theft are three instances that can cost an organization in terms of cash outflow as this will be treated as a loss on the companies’ end. Damages are treated as depreciation in the companies book of accounts as this is part of the routine that pieces of equipment are damaged and they need maintenance. On the other hand, theft is something for which the company has to bear a huge loss as this is something unfortunate that was never thought up before. Theft would result in newer equipment being put up in the place of the older one.

Elements of the form

Equipment name and date of purchase

Here the name of equipment is just the common name by which you call the equipment. The purchase date must also be mentioned of the same as to disclose that since when the company has had it in its possession.


If the equipment in use was damaged and what had caused it to be damaged so much. Was it its extensive use or was it due to poor handling?


In case of theft, one needs to take into account the following:

  1. Date of theft
  2. Approximate time when the equipment is thought to be taken away.
  3. Security officers.
  4. Other shift members
  5. Was someone involved within?
  6. Eye witness
  7. Transport used

Date of theft

The date on which the theft took place must be written down clearly.

Approximate time

The probable time when the theft would have taken place must be stated. It is possible that someone might have used the equipment before it was stolen so coming up with an approximate time would help in the investigation.


The names along with the shift timings of the security officers must be taken out and correlated with the time of theft. Basing upon which the related officer must be questioned.

Other shift members

If the office follows a shift schedule, then who were the individual who was present at the time of the theft and what were they busy doing. All this information must be taken.


Any individual who is suspected of doing the theft must be stated. The suspicion must be due to some previous behaviors displayed by the individual.

Eye witness

An eyewitness to the theft incident must be written with their respective names.

Transport used

The report must also cover the mode of transportation used for taking out the equipment from office premises. The transport must be mentioned only if the equipment is big enough to be transferred via using a particular vehicle.

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