Incident Investigation Report

One has no control over incidents. It can happen with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. It is always in good interest not to overlook the cause of the incident. The purpose must be understood carefully and it should be made clear only the person found responsible to be punished and not the others. This is done through a proper course of the investigation.  Every incident must be reported as unreported incidents may give a chance to individual to repeat the same course of action without ant fear of punishment.

Things to take into account when preparing an investigation report

Cause of the incident

The first and foremost purpose of an investigation report is to find out the cause behind the incident as to what consequences made the incident happen, did it occur due to some unavoidable reasons, or was someone responsible for making it happen?

When and where

The date on which the incident occurred must be mentioned correctly with the place of the incident.

No one to enter

It should be mentioned in the report that no individual was allowed to enter the incident area apart from those who were responsible for the investigation.


The names of the eye witness along with the information they had provided be written clearly in the report to avoid any confusion.


The respective names of individuals who are thought of being suspects of the incident must be mentioned clearly. Their age and gender must also be written. If in the case of the suspects, someone has previously been also a suspect of an incident, then this important detail must be made a part of the investigation report.


If during the incident any individual bore injuries, then this must be reported. If the injury caused is of a serious nature, then this too should be well stated.

Movable property

If any kind of movable property was used by any individual when the incident was happening it should be mentioned in the report. Furthermore, the name of the individual who had actually picked up the object must be written with the purpose of doing so.


On the basis of the above-mentioned details, the authorities then pass their judgment over the incident which is also written. The persons responsible for the incident are then dealt with accordingly. It becomes a necessity to deal with incidents in a proper manner so that no one suffers due to them in the future. Rules once laid down become applicable to all.

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