Electric Shock Incident Report

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Accidents can happen anywhere and anytime what becomes necessary is to take preventive measures from avoiding any usual situation in future and this can only be done once you figure out the cause of the previous incidents that have happened, writing down the details of the incident and then in the light of the provided details taking necessary actions. Here it is important to detail part from the cause of the incident that was the incident an unintentional act or did the clues seem to show that everything was preplanned. All these things are compiled in a report.

Details that cannot be overlooked when making the report

In the case mentioned above the electric shock incident, the report of it would include:

What caused the shock

The first and foremost detail to be written should be the reason behind the shock. Was it due to any short circuit or any other wiring which was left uncovered?

Last use

Investigate through the process of report making which individual was the last to operate the machine which had caused the shock. Was it due to his negligence that there was a problem with the machine which went unreported or all was left ok?

Check and balance

Was the machine in use being maintained well after a certain lapse of time.


Were there any injuries caused due to the shock and if anyone was hurt was he given first aid or not?

Department name and personal name

The person who had last operated the machine, his department's name, and his personal name should also be disclosed.

Eye witness

The name of any eyewitness should also be mentioned in any of the accidents. The eyewitness should take responsibility with respect to the details they are providing during the process of investigation.

Preventive measures

In order to prevent this type of incident to happen in the future, preventive measures must be listed down to avoid any mishap next time.

Course of action

The necessary course of action after the investigation must be written down at the end of the report. If there is any individual who is found responsible for the incident, then he/ she must be penalized for the same according to the rules and if it was due to non-maintenance then the company must take full responsibility for the action and pay off for any injuries caused due to it.

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