10+ Free Note Card Templates for MS Word [Editable & Printable]

Note cards are small-sized, blank-spaced cards used for note-taking. These might or might not have a background picture and a border design used to enhance its decorative outlook. A note card might be a folded piece of paper, hard chart, or cardboard that is used during speeches, presentations, matrimonial addresses, and other moments.

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Find below 10 beautifully designed Notecards in Microsoft Word. Each of these is designed at a size of 3″ X 5″ in landscape and portrait formats.

#1 – Thank You


#2 – Thinking of You


#3 – RSVP Format


#4 – Just a Note to Say…


#5 – Hello


#6 – Get Well Soon


#7 – Congratulations


#8 – Birthday


#9 – A Gift For You


#10 – Thank you


Why are note cards significant?

It is a common sight to see people standing on the podiums, stages, and elevated places where they are expected to talk to or address a large audience. These people, whether present at a wedding, a class setting, facing an auditorium, or attending a large outdoor event, are seen holding small pieces of paper. They are often seen looking at those pieces of paper or cards more than once.

Looks like those tiny chits are very valuable for those individuals. You might be speculating why?!

These papers are actually very important when someone is expected to talk before people in a freestyle or say things from one’s memory. These are great for point-keeping, and for memorizing the essential details that can’t be missed. We cannot, in usual circumstances, expect our human brains to remember each and every point of what we are about to deliver. Especially when you have more than a few heads all staring at you. Scary, right?!

 This is why note cards are considered very useful for “memory keeping” and for speaking out the details confidently and without mumbling.

How do note cards look?

Note cards are usually blank pieces that can be used for hand-writing the pointers. However, these can also be printed with various templates and formats, such as lined spaces, or boxed areas to help you add on the details and also differentiate between them when you need them.

There are a number of templates according to your need that can be downloaded from our post here.

How do we manage a good pile of note cards?

Imagine having researched very well for writing down the note cards, and then taking them along for the event, but the moment you needed to identify which one to start with and which one to end with, you find yourself lost. It can be identified that in addition to creating the right couple of note cards it is also essential to keep them organized. Below are a few suggestions to have perfectly aligned note cards:

  • Give each card a distinct heading followed by subheading/s.
  • Use bullet points. Paragraphs can be confusing!
  • Jot down only the VERY important points. Avoid textual clutter!
  • Take help from jargons, short words, and abbreviations. You don’t have to write statements and statements that look all messed up. Keywords can be super helpful!
  • Distinguish what you are saying and what another person said, for example, a quotation. You can’t be speaking a famous personality’s words as your own when you’re in a flow.

Don’t forget to give a number to each of the cards. Using distinct colors can be helpful too!

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