24+ Free Sample Corporate Bylaws Formats for MS Word

Corporate bylaws, also known as “company bylaws” are the sets of rules and legal documents that are created as a prime responsibility by the company’s board of directors. These are usually documented as a single piece that sets forth the rules and regulations governing the company’s day-to-day activities and operations and is formed at the time of inception of the corporation.


Why do corporations need bylaws?

Companies need bylaws to dictate how they will operate and decree how the company will run. These will include rules and regulations regarding the structure of the managerial staff, the agendas of meetings, stock decisions, and other policies that are crucial to the company’s processes.

Corporate bylaws can be summarized as the “corporate manual” for the company, its management, and the employees.

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How can our templates help you in devising the right corporate bylaws format?

While a corporation might consider these an easy-peasy one-pager agenda that puts forward the company laws and regulations, the format of these is very highly crucial. In order to know the right structure and format of the bylaws, you might take help from the templates provided in our post.

What is the most common structure of corporate bylaws documents?

The bylaws differ from one company to another and have varying requirements from one state to another. However, these are a few elements that are common among these. We have shortlisted those for you, here:

  • Title of the corporation
  • The purpose and reason behind the creation of the bylaws document
  • The names of the most prominent and concerned managers or board of directors/ membership details
  • The committee of individuals related to the specific document
  • The location, timings, and agendas of the meetings
  • Conflicts of interests (if any)
  • Changes or amendments in the requirements, etc.

What are a few examples of corporate bylaws?

After we have talked about the basic definition, structure, and format of the company bylaws, let us explore a few examples of these to understand where and when are these needed:

  • While setting forth business regulations
  • For the management of relations between the company and the general public
  • Rules related to the rights of animals or humans
  • Rules for the regulation of various workplace protocols and procedures
  • Regulating the need for licensing and certification for certain jobs and activities
  • Laws for the workplace ethics and employees’ relationships

What do corporate bylaws appear after they have been compiled?

A corporate bylaws document will have a single-page document that will begin from the top with the name of the company followed by the title of the document, notes, and comments, and then the respective articles. The articles can be further divided into sections and sub-sections. These will comprise the location of the meetings, the board of directors, roles and responsibilities, guidelines, rules or regulations, the amendments, and the quorum.  In addition, specialized terms and conditions for the amendment of any rules and regulations for the stakeholders might also be involved.

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