5 Free Baby Birthday Invitation Card Templates for MS Word

Looking for making your baby’s birthday a special event to be celebrated with friends and family? If yes, then you need a baby birthday invitation card! They are defined as greeting cards that are sent to the guest for inviting them to attend the birthday. These would help you send an invitation to people easily and enjoy their company on the special occasion. Not just that, the birthday invitations will help you enjoy the memories later in life by just looking at them.

Download Templates

Find below five beautifully designed Birthday Invitation Card formats that can be used to invite your friends or family members to the special day of your baby. These include invitation designs for Baby Boy, Baby Girl’s First, 2nd, and 3rd Birthday formats. But you can easily edit any of these to use for any age of your kid. These formats are fully customizable and printable.


#1 – For Baby Girl’s First Birthday


#2 – For Baby Boy’s First Birthday


#3 – Birthday Party Invitation


#4 – Colorful Design


#5 – 3rd Birthday Party Invitation Card Design


History of baby birthday invitation cards

It has been widely accepted that the Egyptians used to celebrate the birthdays of their gods. However, the trend of celebrating the birthdays of ordinary men was started by Romans. The mass production of baby birthday invitation cards that are seen today started in Britain in the 19th century.

Traditional vs modern-day birthday invitation cards

Similar to the birthday cake, the birthday invitation cards differ according to traditions and cultures. According to the traditions of cultures, birthday invitation cards are designed differently. Traditionally, baby birthday invitation cards were sent to the guest personally through special messengers. However, with the advancement in technology and digitalization, the cards are made and printed digitally. These are sent to the invited people through social media or formal emails.

What information do these invitation cards deliver?

The baby birthday invitation cards hold specific information about the birthday event. If the event has a specific theme, the birthday cards are designed accordingly including some graphic images. Generally, the number is written on it to tell how many years old the child will be on the specific birthday. Besides this, the name of the child, venue, and time of the event is mentioned on the card.

Future of baby birthday invitation cards

Several businessmen have already predicted that the future of businesses would be different from what it is now. The same holds for the greeting cards industry. Over the years, the shopping experience of customers within this specific industry has changed greatly. The main reason is the enhancement of communication and shopping online as compared to in-store shopping. Apart from this, the increased innovation has also changed the shopping trends in individuals.

With the increase in the trend of baby birthday celebrations, the customers now look for artistic and hand-crafted designs. This not only makes the birthdays special but also keeps a memory of baby birthday invitation cards as these can be framed. In this way, the event can be cherished long after it has been organized.

Recently, the trend of quilling is gaining much momentum in the designing of baby birthday invitation cards. Quilling is also known as ‘paper filigree’ and is a form of ancient Egyptian art. It comprises rolling thin strips in unique shapes and coils for making beautiful designs. Quilling gained momentum during the renaissance period when it was used by the queens and princesses to write letters and invitations. With the increasing trends and information from various sources, the designs of baby birthday invitation cards are predicted to be increased.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial below to see how to design a Birthday Invitation Card in Microsoft Word

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