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The first and foremost step when an incident takes place is to get the incident reported exactly as it happened and not misinterpreting or manipulating facts of the incident. The person dictating the incident must take full responsibility for his said words and must be held accountable if any piece of information provided by him is found untrue or invalid. It is always good to show signs of doubt whenever you are providing the information you are not sure of so that you are given the benefit of doubt.

What happens when an incident gets reported?

Whenever an incident gets reported, the very next step is to start the investigation process in order to get the true picture of the incident. It is humanly impossible to be everywhere at every time so when incidents happen in your absence, it is always good to collect all information by channeling the investigation process through a proper team.

The Investigation Process

  1. Date and time: It must be clarified through investigation that at what date of the month did the incident took place and what was the exact time when it happened.
  2. When and where: The exact location of the incident where it took place must be written for e.g. the incident took place in the accounts department of the office building.
  3. The person responsible: It must be clear out through the investigation process that who was responsible for the incident. In other words, it was whose fault due to which the incident took place. If apart from human error, it was due to some unforeseen reasons then the same must be written down.
  4. Injuries sustained: Were there any individuals who had sustained certain injuries as a result of the incident then the name of the persons must be stated along with their current status.

At the end of the report form, it must be written that what necessary actions were taken in the light of the incident. A detailed note highlighting all the aspects of the incident must be written and accordingly, the desired action stated must be mentioned. It is necessary because it will provide help for future references for the reason that if anything like this happens in the future again, one may look upon the previous results for reaching the desired results as it may help in decision making for the incident of the same nature if repeated again.

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