Christmas Card Sending Checklist Template for MS Word

'Tis the season to spread joy, love, and warm wishes! Sending Christmas cards is a cherished tradition that lets you connect with loved ones near and far. But to make sure your cards reach everyone on time and with a personal touch, you need the Christmas Card Sending Checklist.


  • Efficient Card Management: Keep track of your card list, ensuring no one is left out.
  • Personalization: Add that special, heartfelt message to each card without missing a beat.
  • Timely Sending: Avoid the last-minute rush and ensure your cards reach their destination before the holidays.


  1. Recipient List: Create a list of all the people you want to send cards to, from family and friends to colleagues and neighbors.
  2. Card Selection: Choose the perfect cards that match the recipient's taste and your holiday spirit.
  3. Personal Messages: Write thoughtful, personalized messages for each card.
  4. Addressing: Address the cards neatly and accurately, and don't forget the stamps!
  5. Mailing Dates: Set a timeline for sending cards to ensure they arrive before Christmas.

How It Can Help You: The Christmas Card Sending Checklist is your holiday postmaster, ensuring your warm wishes reach everyone on your list. It's more than just a checklist; it's your secret to spreading love and holiday cheer with each card you send.

This holiday season, let your cards be a messenger of joy. Download our Christmas Card Sending Checklist, and start sharing the holiday spirit today!

Christmas Card Sending Checklist Template
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