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Cable installers either work at home or in small offices for the installation of telecommunication cables. The cable may be installed either for phone lines or television at your home. If you need to install cable for either of them, then a cable installer will come to your place for the installation of the cable. You alone cannot do so.

Whenever you are about to use any kind of service, you will have to agree upon certain terms and conditions prior to the use of that service. The same is the case of a cable installation service. Once you have decided to take the cable services of a local cable provider in your area then you need to make an agreement with the cable installer known as the Cable installation service agreement. The agreement would contain certain points on which both the parties would mutually agree upon before entering into the agreement.

It may cover the following points:

  • Date of installation: The agreement must mention the date of installation of the cable.
  • Installation fee: The installation fee must be mentioned and agreed upon between both parties.
  • Cable service fee: The agreement should have in written the fee which will be charged for taking the cable service every month. It should not be confused with the installation fee as this is the sum of money which you need to pay to the cable installer every month for cable services.
  • Delay in payment: It must be made clear in writing that any delay in payment should not happen and if you offer for any particular days to which the delay can be taken, it must be stated otherwise after which the cable may be uninstalled.
  • Maintenance of the cable service: The service provider must ensure timely maintenance of the cable service for a better quality of cable and also attend to the needs of the client if any problem comes.

Cancellation of the agreement: If the client wants to cancel taking the services of the cable operator he should inform the service provider prior to the cancellation.

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