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The comprehensive service agreement is a form of maintenance contract by virtue of which the contractor agrees to cover for replacements and adjustments of damaged parts through planned maintenance with the exception that the damages must not be due to misuse or any kind of abuse.

Benefits of comprehensive service agreement:

  • Price is fixed: In a comprehensive service agreement as the prices are fixed, it eliminates the tension of customers to cope up with any rise in the price.
  • All types of equipment are covered: All equipment is covered with a warranty 24/7 during the lifetime of the contract.
  • Customer Tailored: It would not be wrong to say that the service agreement is customer-tailored as it attends fully to customer needs as far as the length of the contract is concerned and also the change of equipment.
  • No need to get a quote: The contract in full terms eliminated the need for getting a quote each time maintenance is required.


Things you may consider while drafting a service agreement:

  • Discount on spare parts: In order to make your agreement more appealing you may offer a discount of a certain percentage for the spare parts replaced.
  • Work Scope: The agreement will detail all the work scheduled plus the activities will also be documented which need to be done on a particular visit. This may require you to train your crew members.
  • Service Visits: Any planned visits can be postponed or delayed but cancellation would require a renegotiation of the agreement.
  • Fixed premium: The premium is fixed till the end of the agreement.
  • Duration: Normally the duration of a comprehensive service agreement is 3 to 5 years.

Cancellation: The agreement can be canceled by either party with prior notice of six months.

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