5+ Free Daily Use Party Invitation Templates for MS Word

What is a Party?

Party is normally meant to be getting together socially with the people around you. Today’s tiresome life where everyone is busy with their day-to-day routine, it is very hard to spend time with your friends and add fun into your life. No one has that much time in today’s busy life. This is where it is needed to create a reason to get together with friends and family and have some fun.

This could be a Birthday party of someone, Christmas celebrations, holidays activities, New year celebrations, an outdoor pool party, a surprise party, or anything like that. Such parties normally involve drinking, eating, dancing, and entertaining each other which takes us away from our cumbersome daily routine and helps us to relax mentally and physically.

Best Way to Invite People

If you are hosting a party and want to invite people to that, you can do it in these three different ways.

  1. Make phone calls/SMS to them and tell them about your party.
  2. Meet them in person and invite them verbally.
  3. Create a beautiful invitation card for them.

The above techniques would work fine. But, it is human nature that every one of us would love to be treated specially. So, inviting them by sending an invitation card would add a lot of love to your invitation.

Things to add to your Invitation Card

When you are creating an invitation card for your guests, below are few things that you need to add to your invitation to make it work more effectively for you.

  1. Theme/design of your invitation card should be according to your Event’s nature.
  2. Write the purpose of your party that why is it being held. For example, if it is your child’s Birthday Party, make it more prominent.
  3. Carefully write the Date and Time of the Party because this is an essential thing everyone should know. Having any mistake in writing date or time can cause trouble for all the people who you are sending this invitation to.
  4. Add your party’s location on top or at an easily visible area on your invitation card. This is the information that most of the people would need to make up their minds to attend or not attend the party based on the location or distance from them.
  5. Always include contact or RSVP information in your invitation. So that invited people can get back to you for any question they may have. You can add your/host’s Phone number, Cell phone or email address.

Ready-Made Templates for You

Based on our daily use, we have included these 5 mostly used party invitation templates here so that you can download them and use them for your needs. These include

#1 – Birthday Party Invitation Template

This is a beautifully designed template with a birthday theme that includes colorful Balloons, flags, and ribbons. The layout of this template is very elegant with nice use of fonts and colors. Colorful grains in the background of contents make this more eye-catching and beautiful.



#2 – Christmas Dinner Party Invitation Design

A nicely laid out template with Christmas colors, lights, stars, and trees makes this template extremely beautiful. Apparently, it is designed for a Christmas Dinner Party but you can download it and change content to use it for any Christmas-related party or event.



#3 – Holiday Party Invitation Format

If you are having a party over the winter/Christmas holidays, this template is going to be the best for you. Snowflakes, snowman, stars, clouds, and homes with snow on roofs and trees on the backside give it a beautiful look according to the holiday’s theme. The contents layout of this template is a bit different from a regular invitation template which makes it different from others.



#4 – Pool Party Invitation Template

This template will help you to invite people to your pool party. The theme of this template is just according to a pool party with its bluish colors, an umbrella in the title name, a big pool with a girl sitting in the middle of the page, water waves in the footer, and a boy in a swimming suit along with his floating tube.



#5 – Surprise Party Invitation Card

This template is best to be used for a party that you have organized for your friend or a family member without telling him or her about it and you want to surprise him/her with this. You can secretly invite all other friends by sending them this template which according to its theme explains exactly that what it is for and how to join this party.



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