Student Conduct Incident Report

Every educational institute has set its certain rules and regulation to which the student body of that particular institute is bound to follow. The moment you take a step forward from the set limitations, you are caught. Now you stand at the position where you are liable to pay the penalty for your actions. The basic terminology used for an act that does not imply in accordance with the rules and regulations is termed as misconduct. An act of misconduct is what the student has to pay for.

Key elements of the report

  1. Date of incident
  2. Act of misconduct to be written as a subject in the report
  3. Place of incident
  4. Name of students or student involved
  5. Cause of incident
  6. Was misconduct of a serious nature?
  7. Any movable property involved?

Date of incident

The date of the incident must be clearly mentioned without any chances of ambiguity.

Act of misconduct

The act of misconduct must become the subject line of the report thus stating that what the report contains.

Place of incident

The place of the incident must be written to specify the accurate location of the incident.

Name of student or students involved

The correct name spellings of the student or students involved must be stated.

Cause of incident

The certain cause of the incident must be specified. Investigating that who was at fault or who was the one who had initiated the whole scenario?

Serious misconduct or not

It is important to state that whether the incident was of a serious nature or not i.e. was anyone hurt badly as a result of the incident? Did the individual sustain any injuries? Was it given first aid or not?

Movable property

The name of any movable property which might have been used as a weapon in the incident must be written.

The endnotes must contain any penalization done to the student as a result of misconduct. It must be written in clear words who was found to be at fault and what arrangements were made so that nothing like this ever happens. What sort of precautionary measures will be taken for the prevention of misconduct in the future. It must be made aware to all that any kind of misconduct leading to a serious incident will be dealt with strictly.

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