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A mission report is a standard report which tells about the aims of a business organization, a company, an educational institution, or a researcher. It is the public face of a company that describes its goals and targets and announces to the world why it exists or, it can be a document that provides information about a mission that has been fully accomplished.


A mission report outline requires

1st paragraph

  • Describes the main idea or emphasis
  • Name of the mission
  • Date

Mention the date on which the mission was founded

  • Location

Mention the site name where the mission is being or has been done

2nd paragraph

  • Precisely describe the key facts in a minimum of three to four lines
  • Write about the history of your mission. For example, what was the purpose of this mission? Why it has to be done? Etc.

3rd paragraph 

  • Conclusion
  • write about the type of experience gained and learning while doing the specific mission.
  • Successful or unsuccessful
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