5+ Student Report Templates in MS Word

Student report is generated by the faculty to inform parents as well as students about their productivity throughout the year and the performance in detail, subject wise and overall grades as well. While writing a student report there are the following factors which are kept in mind by the management and the teachers;

Easy to Understand:

While writing student reports for the parents and students always keep in mind the ease and simplicity of the language for the reader so that he can understand well and can respond accordingly. If there is complicated wording used in the statements it can cause hindrance for parents to understand properly.

Stay on the Point:

It is very important to stick to the main point which you want to communicate to the parents regarding a certain behavior or work grade. Stick to that point to make your communication much more effective and comprehensive.

Avoid Teacher’s Tone:

When communicating with parents in the report, try to avoid phrases and tones which you use in the classrooms for students being teachers. The key is to avoid the teacher’s wording because it can cause problems for a reader to reach the exact terminologies which most probably parents would not be able to understand except for the student only.

Level of Achievement:

Parents would not prefer to listen to each day’s work activity of their child that’s why try to avoid mentioning every single task in front of their parents instead tell them the achievements and crux of levels their child has achieved overall. It covers the overall performance of the child in the class along with his behavioral attributes.

On-going Performance:

Mention in the report your student’s ongoing performance grade-wise and overall in all the scenarios that where he needs improvement, what are key factors he is focusing on, and what are the factors he is excellent in. This thing helps in monitoring their child deeply with more careful observation and monitoring skills.

Use Evidences:

Always use evidence while mentioning any kind of behavioral or work activity of the student. Before passing any statement for the student always keep in mind to use evidence in writing to attach along with the report to make your statement more authentic and worth understanding. For example, in the writing explanation while quoting any statement mentions his writing from any past paper or class activity regarding a certain topic or any incident.

Don’t Leave Until The Last Minute:

Try to gather as much as data you can to generate a fully meaningful and worth reading report. Do not leave the student till the last minute be it the main group photo or any last-minute class activity. The more data you collect more it would be easier for you to collect information and decode it accordingly. Otherwise, it creates problems in the year-end when the teacher doesn’t find much to mention for the student in the whole year’s report for the parents and it affects the teacher’s image as well.


Keep your checklist prepared with you for writing a report so that you can make sure that not too much neither too little information has been given in the report. This checklist helps the teacher to mention every single point regarding the child’s achievement, behavioral attributes, and overall factors discussed above.

Find below five professionally created report templates that can help you to compile your report saving a lot of your time.

Graduate Student Annual Progress Report

File Type: Microsoft Word
File Size: 72.5kb
No. of Pages: 4

Annual Review & Monitoring Report

File Type: Microsoft Word
File Size: 127kb
No. of Pages: 10

Post Graduate Student’s 6 Months Report

File Type: Microsoft Word
File Size: 156kb
No. of Pages: 9

Semester Progress Report

File Type: Microsoft Word
File Size: 34.5kb
No. of Pages: 1

Tutor Monthly Student Report

File Type: Microsoft Word
File Size: 36.5kb
No. of Pages: 1

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