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What is the School Accountability report?

The school accountability report helps parents and other community members to make a comparison between different schools. The accountability report helps the school to measure that to what extent it has been able to achieve its desired goals. It helps compare one school with another on the basis of set parameters by the parents.

It gives a detailed overview of the teaching staff hired and the quality of education being provided to students. It also throws light over the facilities provided by the school within the available resources which gives parents a deep insight into the school and helps make the decision as to where they should enroll their child.

The school accountability report is the easiest way of determining the necessary factors knowing which will let you as a parent enroll your child in a particular school. Different schools have different teaching strategies and different faculty members with whose help the school is better able to achieve their desired goals.

Before getting your child admitted to a school, it is right of every parent to know about the school in depth. This very report helps the parents compare and evaluate different schools on the basis of certain set parameters by them and eventually decide which school would suit them the best for their child.

Importance of School Accountability Report

Getting proper education is every child’s right and getting it from a well-known school is a dream of every parent. The school accountability report helps parents in looking over different schools' academic achievements, the facilities provided by the schools which let them decide easily as to where they should get their child admitted for his education.

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