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The class attendance report helps track the presence of students on a particular date and in a particular lesson. It furthermore provides information regarding the names of students who have been absent from school along with the dates on which the student was absent from school. It also provides an overview of a student missing any lectures if in case he has attended some lectures and left the rest of the lectures of the day.

Importance of the report

As said earlier the report helps keep track of students attending classes. In this way, the school can determine whether a student has been regular to school or not and if in case he has been irregular then on what particular dates he was absent. Moreover, the report helps the school in determining whether a large or a small number of students are missing a particular lecture intentionally which can easily visible by the number of students present. This will provoke the management to think that what is causing the students not to attend a particular lecture.

Benefits of the report

The report benefits the school in the way that it lets the school know of the number of students present at school according to which it can plan its curriculum for the students. The school may also offer extra curriculum activities to its students given the number of students regular to school are at large and planning an activity would prove fruitful.

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