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It is a document that must be provided by a public corporation to its shareholders annually. The Document lets the shareholders know about the operations and the financial condition of the company.

Things to include in an annual report:

  • It should include in general the description of industry or industries in which the company is involved at present.
  • The current financial position of the company, its cash flows, and the statements of income should be audited.
  • The current market price of the company’s stock and dividend should also be mentioned.

Purpose of the report

The purpose of the annual report is to publicly disclose the company’s operations and financial conditions for the past year. The report helps in shaping the investment decisions of the shareholders in light of the current financial position of the company.

What will happen if you don’t file your annual report

If a company fails to file its annual report for a particular year it may have to pay a certain amount of fine for causing the delay. Moreover, a prolonged delay may cause company dissolution i.e. the government may no longer recognize your company as a registered firm.

How Should a Good Annual Report Look Like

As your company’s annual report is published publically, it should be written in a professional manner. Before even going for publishing the report, you should proof-read it.  Your annual report serves as a document that gives a transparent picture of what you have achieved in the past year.

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