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It is an interview-based process for investigating people’s thoughts and reactions after reading some informative thing. One of the most important questions is how they explore information and making decisions based on that information. Essentially, this report is the most useful technique available for sponsors who want to test things at their audience. In this report, people are interviewed individually. This cognitive testing report contains information about respondents and their reactions during an interview. The respondent interviewer should be professional and have proper knowledge about taking such interviews because they are different from other interviews. If the interviewer is not experienced it will affect the report of an individual. So, if you are conducting cognitive testing interviews or hiring anyone else to do this job does some research on it for making it successful. The process of this interview is completed within one to one and a half hours so that individuals can easily share their thoughts and behavior without any time issue. For the explanation of the concept of that individual, the report is made by using different tables, figures, and various tools.

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