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Name Card Format for Consultant - MS Word
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Scot Ginsberg, the ‘Name Card Guy’ who has made a world record of wearing a name tag for 7,602 days 24/7 and is in no way letting go of it. Scott wears a name card even to bed, it says:

“Hello, I’m Scott.”

While he wore a name card only for making friends and attracting people in the beginning, he now wears it as a social experiment and for many more purposes today, such as:

  • A stronger brand identity: While you’re out for a commerce event or a seminar, your name will quickly reveal which company you’re from.
  • Identity: The customer/clients would know who you are, making it easier for them and others to identify you.
  • Conversation starter for better Communication: Name is the first introduction you present. With the name being already known, the conversation becomes easier leading to better customer relations.
  • Security: These help keep a track of who you are and where you are.

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