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A quarterly Project Expenditure Report is defined as a detailed breakdown of expenses made in relation to a project within a specific time period of 3 months. This report usually includes the financial information reported including the expenditures, the approved budget, and the variance analysis made by either module interventions or cost grouping. It is structured similar to the Annual Financial Report or Enhances Financial Report.


The pattern for any report is mostly based on its intent and the reason for its making. Similarly, if the QPE report is being made for analytical purposes within the company it would follow a different set of content lists but if it is for a forecast or for providing the clients with an overview of the project completion, the content list will be set differently. The usual template for Quarterly Project Expenditure Report includes the following,

  • Statement Of Comprehensive Income for the related quarter
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • The Initial Budget Plan of the project
  • The expenditure done in previous quarters
  • The expenditure budgeted for the next quarter
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