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A Post-Event Analysis Report is defined as the analytical reporting of an event after it has finished or completed. The event could be any transaction, an organized function, a special project, or basically any occurrence that could affect the company in the long run.
This report is created to analyze whether an event was successful. The report holds critical importance for freelancing companies and companies that frequently outsource work to get an in-depth view of the happenings. It is presented to the heads of the departments involved in the event or the clients depending on the nature of the event and its contents.


A Post-Event Analysis Report at the very least would include some or most of the following headers:

  • Post-event Summary
  • Event Data Analysis
  • Lessons Learned
  • Review of KPIs and Success Metrics
  • Post-program Surveys and Reporting
  • Management of Client Receivables/Payables
  • Management of Sponsorship and Registration Revenue
  • Financial Reconciliation and Auditing
  • Final Bill Development
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