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The Management Performance Evaluation Process And Timeline is a document that allows the employer to gauge their employee's contribution to the organization. The practice is often criticized for having difficulty in assessing a close employee, the task being time costing and seen as an irrelevant task. However, the actual benefits outweigh these difficulties. The form of standard evaluation criticizes the guidelines of standard performance measures for providing disciplinary and feedback procedures that enforce performance boundaries that are acceptable to promote staff recognition and inspire individuals to do their best and encourage communication.


Primarily the aim of a management performance assessment process and timeline is to give an accountable evaluation of an employee's participation in the workforce and encouraging an increase in the quality of work done by matching it with the timeline of the work done.

The usual format includes a small summary to be game the report and followed by a table with headings like the timeline which indicates the period of the review, the task performed in the period or responsible party, and the Action/Form.

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