Recipe Card with Shopping List Template

Streamline your meal planning and grocery shopping with our Recipe Card with Shopping List Template. This versatile template not only helps you organize your recipes but also includes a convenient space to jot down the ingredients you need to purchase, making cooking preparation a breeze.

Key Features

  • Integrated Shopping List: Includes a dedicated section for writing down the ingredients needed for each recipe.
  • Efficient Meal Planning: Simplify your meal preparation process by creating a comprehensive shopping list alongside your recipes.
  • User-Friendly Format: Clear layout and formatting ensure that shopping lists are easy to create and reference.
  • Customizable: Personalize the template with your own recipes and adjust the shopping list to reflect specific dietary needs and preferences.


  • Effortless Meal Preparation: Plan your meals and grocery shopping in one convenient location, saving time and effort.
  • Reduce Food Waste: Avoid overbuying ingredients by planning your shopping list based on the recipes you intend to prepare.
  • Stay Organized: Keep track of your ingredients and ensure you have everything you need for your recipes before you start cooking.
  • Save Money: Shop more efficiently and only purchase the ingredients you need, helping you stick to your budget.

How to Use

  1. Download: Click the link below to download the Recipe Card with Shopping List Template.
  2. Edit: Open the template in Microsoft Word and fill in your recipes and cooking instructions.
  3. Customize: Add your own ingredients, directions, and adjust the shopping list to suit your meal planning needs.
  4. Print: Print out your completed recipe cards with integrated shopping lists for easy reference in the kitchen and grocery store.
Recipe Card with Shopping List Template
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