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Monthly Project Status Report explains to what extent a project has been completed. It outlines the activities carried out, completed, and the milestones reached from the relevant month's project plan. In plain words, the report states the current status of the project. It is written for a client, a supervisor, or a colleague.

MPSR is an important article. It gets everyone on the same page, improves project evaluation and reviews, improves accountability and transparency by providing a paper trail, and facilitates collaboration while offering future planning


Monthly Project Status Report mostly depends on the type of project and the receiver. Although a good example of this report would hold the following details:

  • Summary of the project
  • Work completed in the month
  • Work completed in the previous month
  • Costs incurred to date
  • The portion of the cost spent in the month
  • Total completed work/current status
  • Forecast for next month
  • Version
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