Weekly Expense Report Created in MS Excel

The expense report is a report which keeps the track of all the expenses incurred during the period for the individual or for large firms operating in the economy. The expenses may include gas bill, parking tickets, lodging, travelling, meals, grocery or minor expenses. To construct this report means that one is more concerned about the financial position and an organized lifestyle.

Being calculated about the resources that one has is not a bad thing and depicts the conscious and responsible attribute of the organization. It also refrains from spending extra money and calculates that if the targeted week or month expense limit has crossed or not.  It’s true that money is the blood of the organization it is equally important to review how that blood is being spend. An organization that supervises strictly the flow of money is more prone to achieve its target and is more secure from fraudulent activities that might take place internally and may question the integrity and reputation of the organization.
Having the cash flow and expense sheet sent to the supervisors and the top management in the form of report is more beneficial rather than sending figures, since the former is much easier to understand, evaluate and take decisions accordingly. Reports should be made in accordance with the organization, some prefer having monthly reports whilst some prefer having weekly. The latter is advised to be used since it is a bit shorter and easier to tackle than of the former.

For firms it’s easy to construct the expense sheets since they hire bookkeepers to do the job of recording the transactions and generate forms for financial purpose. These book keepers usually add end notes which are in layman terms. Along with the book keeper it is easy to evaluate the expenses and restrict them as well. A weekly expense report should consist detail about every expense incurred along with those which aren’t usual expenses and have been incurred in the current week only. Headings and subheadings should be made use of and if the expenses have exceeded the budget, that should be highlighted in bold along with suggestions.

This MS Excel Weekly Report is the best template to be used for managing your expenses since it enables all the calculations in a nicely laid out tabular form.

weekly expense report template


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