5 Exclusive Slip Templates for Professionals

A slip is a professionally used document that includes information about a particular event or a thing. In most cases, the slips are used when you want to prove that you have performed an activity or you have paid money to a specific person.

Deposit slip Template:

A deposit slip is a type of form which is issued by a bank to the depositor. This form is required to be filled by the depositors. Through the use of deposit slips, the bank tries to ensure that the items or the amount of money deposited have been documented by the bank. This slip is also useful for the depositor since it enables him to keep a record of what he has deposited. The deposit slip is considered one of the best ways to transport money from source to destination.

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Packing Slip Format

When the seller sends the sold items through shipment, he has to attach a slip with the shipment package that includes the details of the shipment. The purpose of the package is to not let the courier company deliver the package to the wrong person. The package slip is placed inside the package. The carrier has to rip off the package to see the package. This package slip provides enough details to the carrier about the source and destination of the package.

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Wage Slip Sample

The employers issue the wage slip to employees to let them know about the wages they will receive and the deductions from the wages. It is very important for an employer to issue a wage slip to an employee. This slip is generally not issued to salaried employees but those who work on daily wages.

This slip is issued when the employee finishes the work and it’s time for him to get the payment against the work he has done. The wage slip should be issued since it serves as proof of what the employer has paid to the employee 

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Appointment Slip Template

Appointment slips are used in different organizations where visitors have to make an appointment before visiting. These slips include the name and the date on which the person can visit. With the use of an appointment slip, the organization can effectively manage the time and make sure that every visitor gets the opportunity to visit the company. The visitors are required to bring the appointment slip with them to give proof that they have gotten the appointment settled.

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Exit Slip Format

Exit slips are used by teachers at the end of the lesson when they want to conduct the assessment of the students. These slips are distributed among all the students of the class. When the teacher asks a question to any student, the student writes his response on the exit slip. These slips are considered a great tool for a teacher when he/she wants to figure out what the student has learned in the class. These slips are also useful for the students when they want the teacher to know about what they have learned. 

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