Simple To-Do List Template

These days the lives of the people have become very busy and tiring. The fast pace of the work and home routine of the people have made them forgetful and overburdened. Due to immense amount of tension and work on their hands, they sometimes forget to do some of the very important tasks of their day. With he large number of daily tasks the other less important tasks may actually slip from their minds causing them extreme discomfort later on. So to avoid such a complicated problem, there need to be some solution that can benefit them. The To Do list is one such document that can be very beneficial in such situations.

What is the “To Do List”?

This is a very advantageous document that is used to provide a guideline to the individual for the tasks that he or she has to perform during a period of time. It lists down the errands that need to be followed and acts as a reminded for the user.

It is especially beneficial for the persons who have to face a large amount of work. The to do lists can be of different types and styles depending on the needs and requirements of the user. The list may have different time periods like:

  • Yearly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Fortnightly
  • And so forth

There are a lot of to do list templates available on the internet. You can draft your own list using these to do list templates.

This Simple To-Do list template has been created using MS Word. So it makes it very easy to customize any part of this template with just few clicks. Use of this template is also very easy. More of that, this template is designed to make it printable on A4 page. This makes it easy for you to print it and put it in your pocket or place on your desktop.

Below is a screenshot of the template


Download Simple To-Do List Template