Halloween Flyer

All over the world different kinds and types of festivals and occasions are celebrated. Some are based on geography, some on religion and culture while others may be due a specific ethnic background. The method and intensity of these celebrations may also differ from one place to another. Take the example of Christmas ( you […]

Payment Voucher for MS Word

For the successful and smooth operations of a business entity is very important that there should be some written down rules and regulation called standard operating procedures. These cater to different activities and functions of the business and all employees are required to abide by these standard operating procedures. Apart from the steps and activities […]

MS Word Cash Receipt

There are large number of documents that are prepared in an organization for support and record keeping. Some of these documents have become standard operating procedure that all employees must follow and abide by. While carrying out any activity in the business entity, these documents must be prepared as a supporting evidence for later on. […]

MS Word Petty Cash Receipt

Business is one of the most primitive forms of-trade and professional workings. It has been practiced since ancient times and ruins of various civilizations have shown evidence of such business processes.  Over the large period of time, many evolutionary and revolutionary processes have taken place in the business operations. These changes and improvements have taken […]

Summer Beach Party Flyer

Marketing and promotion is one of the most important functions for all business organizations. For very business entity making sales and having maximum profits from these sales is the ultimate goal. All their efforts and resources are targeted towards the achievement of these goals. Promotion and advertising help increase the sales and profits of the […]

MS Word Meeting Minutes Template

Every organization has a set of business documents that are used for various purposes. In a business entity every action and task is supported by a written document that helps provide accountability and transparency to the business operations. These documents may also be used for reference in a future time period as guidelines or information […]

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