FSBO – For Sale By Owner Flyer

What is a Flyer? A flyer is a circular handbill or a leaflet which comes under the heading of paper advertisement used to be distributed widely around the area. It may be used by an individual and businesses. Being used as an inexpensive way of advertising, creating an effective and brilliant flyer from a scratch […]

Staff Meeting Agenda (Informal)

If you are in search for an informal staff meeting agenda, you have already come to the very right place. Furthermore, if you need to compile a meeting agenda for whatever reason, you can download this template from here. What is an Informal Meeting? This could be required by the business to discuss various matters. […]

MS Word Year Calendar with Notes

A year calendar with notes comprises of a basic calendar with the dates, days, weeks and months like an ordinary year calendar, however, a year calendar with notes has additional space to write notes on the day or date, the week, or the month. A year calendar comes in many different designs and styles and […]

School Event Flyer in MS Word

Flyers happen to be one of the most powerful marketing tools. Event flyers are used to spread awareness about a certain event which will take place. If you’ve been given the task to make a school event flyer, and are completely intimidated by the task since you don’t know what to do, you don’t have […]

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