MS Word Salary Certificate

A certificate is a document that is issued to provide the attestation of some activity or task or fact of life. Certificates require signing by a competent authority that can attest to what is written on it. In business entities, various forms of certificates are both required and issued. All departments and functions have their documentation and certifications that are necessary for all employees. These certificates may be used for internal purposes or external utilization. One such certificate is the salary certificate issued by an organization to its employees.

What is a Salary Certificate?

This is a comprehensive document issued by an organization that provides a break-up of the salary being given to a particular employee. It helps the employee to keep a record of the salary he is getting and helps separate the various elements of the salary like:

  • The allowances
  • Taxes deducted
  • Rent allowances
  • Contribution to different accounts like provident fund
  • Deductions e.t.c.

These certificates are not only used by the employees and organization for their own records but also for required for many other external tasks as well. For example, when going to get a loan from a bank, you need to have a salary certificate for the bank to analyze your creditworthiness. For any kind of business/company, you can find this certificate template very useful. Based on your own needs you can make necessary modifications easily. This is a very useful document and must be present with all job-based employees.

This template is created using MS Office Word with highly customizable contents and components. You can alter anything that you want to make your own way.   Below is a screenshot and download link to view and download this template.


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