12+ Printable Doctors Note Templates for Work and School Excuses

This page offers a collection of 12 free doctor’s note templates that are professionally designed and customizable for your needs. These templates will help you create an authentic and convincing medical document that can be used to excuse yourself from work or school due to illness or other situations. The templates are focused on clarity, legibility, and authenticity, ensuring that they are accepted by your employer or school. Simply choose the template that best fits your needs, fill in the necessary details, and print it out. Our doctors note templates provide you with the utmost professionalism and assurance that your absence will be taken seriously. Scroll down to our collection now and find the perfect template for your situation.

Have you ever been on sick leave and stayed out of the office or school for a period more than the allowed leave of absence? If yes, then you must also know that both workplaces and educational institutes require you to submit proof of absence – especially if the excuse is a medical one. For this very reason, doctors give out doctor’s notes.

It is also known as a doctor’s excuse. Some people obtain a medical certificate that is more or less the same as a doctor’s note and is used for the same purpose. Let’s dig into more information about a doctor’s note to find out what it actually is among other things.

Download Doctor’s Note Templates for Microsoft Word


On this page, you can download the 12 most wanted Doctor’s Note Sample Templates with example data, formatted in MS Word. These are designed in a way that can be easily printed on a Doctor’s Letterhead pad. In all of the preview images below, you can see how we have demoed these formats on different Doctor’s Prescription Pad designs.


This template helps employees who need time off work due to an illness or injury. It has spaces for their name, date, how long they will be gone, and why. The doctor can use a section to provide medical clearance and suggest when the employee can return to work. It’s simple to customize and works for both employers and employees.



This note template helps employees take time off work for personal or family emergencies. It has spots for name, date, absence length, and why. The doctor can recommend when to come back to work. It’s easy to change and perfect for employees and bosses to manage time off.






















What is a doctor’s note and what is its use?

This is a piece of paper written by a medical professional or health care provider detailing a patient’s condition but not revealing confidential information. It states that the patient is sick and seeking treatment from the doctor. It is used as proof showing a person has a medical condition due to which he is limited in his capacity to perform routine tasks and needs complete rest for his quick recovery.

Usually, it is used when a person falls ill due to which he/she requires more leaves of absence at work or school. It is considered a legal document. However, people can also get a fake one made easily which is wrong so make sure you ask your doctor to prepare it for you. Sometimes hospital administration also prepares it in that case make sure your doctor signs it before you submit it to the human resource (HR) office.

When does one need a doctor’s note?

You need a doctor’s note when you are unable to attend school or work. However, it all depends on the policies of the company you are working at or the educational institute you are attending. So, you might need to check with HR first before going to the doctor’s appointment. However, some of the occasions where you might need one are as follows so make sure you ask your doctor to prepare one for you when you visit him.

  • An injury that resulted in any temporary disability
  • Extended sick leaves
  • Contagious diseases
  • Hospitalization
  • Undergone surgical procedure or surgery and needs bed rest
  • Maternity leaves – prenatal care
  • Paternity leave
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • Taking a leave at the scheduled work hour
  • Request for work from home
  • For insurance purposes – Reimbursement of medical dues

What information is necessary to include in a doctor’s note? 

  • Name, contact, and address of Hospital/medical facility
  • Date and time of appointment
  • Name, stamp, and signature of the doctor
  • Medical reason – details of condition/illness 
  • Details of patient – name, age, gender, etc.
  • Prescription
  • Number of days required for rest/recovery

Nowadays getting a doctor’s note is incredibly easy via the online option. You can either download your healthcare provider’s app and request one or apply for it on their website. Saving you the trouble of visiting in person.

The Importance of Doctor’s Notes in the Workplace

In the workplace, doctor’s notes are important to ensure that employees’ health needs are taken seriously. This section will provide real-life examples of situations where doctor’s notes were necessary and how they helped employees manage their work and health.

Example 1: An employee had to miss work due to illness. The doctor’s note was used to explain the absence and provide medical clearance when the employee returned. This helped the employee manage their health and kept their employer informed.

Example 2: An employee was injured and needed time off work. The doctor’s note was used to document the injury and provide medical clearance when the employee returned. This helped the employee manage their health and protected the employer from liability.

Example 3: An employee had a long-term medical condition that required regular doctor’s appointments. The doctor’s note was used to provide documentation and explain the need for time off. This helped the employee manage their health and ensured they received the necessary accommodations at work.

Example 4: An employee needed time off for mental health reasons. The doctor’s note was used to document the need for time off and provide recommendations for accommodations upon return. This helped the employee manage their mental health and ensured they received the necessary support from their employer.

In summary, doctor’s notes play an important role in the workplace by ensuring employees’ health needs are met and helping them manage their work and health.

Tips for Writing Clear and Concise Notes

Writing good notes is an essential aspect of a doctor’s work, as they serve as a record of a patient’s medical history, diagnoses, and treatment plans. In this section, we will provide tips and advice for doctors on how to write good notes in a professional manner.

Clarity and conciseness are critical when it comes to note-writing. Doctors must be clear and concise in their notes to avoid ambiguity and ensure that the information is easy to understand. One way to achieve this is to use straightforward language and avoid using jargon. Doctors should also aim to make their notes brief but informative.

Thoroughness is crucial when it comes to note-writing. Doctors must ensure that all relevant information is included in their notes, such as a patient’s medical history, current medications, and treatment plans. To achieve this, doctors can use the above-listed doctors’ note templates to ensure that they cover all necessary information and organize it in a logical and clear way.

Legibility and formatting are essential aspects of note-writing. Doctors must ensure that their notes are legible and easy to read. They can achieve this by using appropriate font size and style, spacing, and margins. Doctors can also use our Ready-made Note templates to ensure that their notes are formatted in a professional and organized manner.

Tone and language are critical when it comes to note-writing. Doctors must use appropriate tone and language to maintain professionalism and avoid offending patients. They should avoid using slang, profanity, or any language that may be considered offensive. Doctors can use templates to ensure that their notes maintain a professional tone and language.

Effective Communication with Your Doctor: Tips for Requesting a Note

Effective communication with doctors about getting a note is important because it can affect your job and health. This section will provide tips and advice for employees on how to talk to their doctors about getting a note.

When asking for a doctor’s note, it’s important to start the conversation with the doctor by being polite and respectful. Be clear and concise when making the request and provide any necessary information.

The doctor will need certain information included in the note, such as the reason for the absence, the expected return date, and any limitations or accommodations needed. It’s important to provide this information clearly to the doctor.

It’s also important to ensure that the note includes all necessary information. Double-checking the note can help catch any errors or missing details. If there are issues with the note, you can discuss them with the doctor and ask for revisions.

To effectively communicate with the doctor, be prepared with questions and concerns. Make sure to understand the information the doctor provides and ask for clarification if needed. Building a positive relationship with the doctor can also help facilitate communication.

In conclusion, effective communication with doctors about getting a note is important. By following the tips and advice provided, employees can ensure that they are communicating clearly with their doctors and receiving the necessary documentation for their job and health.

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