Business Card Template

Business organizations and entities who want their systems and processes to run in a positive and smooth manner should have proper standard operating procedures for every task. All the departments and functions of the organization should have well established rules and regulations. For proper accountability of activities and recording of procedures and different business activities, there are different types of business documents that are supplementary and compulsory for all business functions. Each business document is targeted towards meeting a specific goal and purpose. An example of such an official and professional document is a business card.

What is a Business Card?

Any small document that is designed to help provide basic contact information of a person to someone is called a business card. Because it is in the form of a printed card that why it is called a business card. It is a formal document that helps remind others about your basic information for communication in an effective and convenient manner. This card is considered as a tool used for introducing someone.

Contents of a Business Card:

All business cards have almost the same types of contents minute variations are there to meet the requirements and needs of every individual. Basic features of such card include the following:

  • The full name and designation of the owner of the business card
  • All relevant contact information including phone numbers, mailing address and online information
  • Any professional credentials
  • Name of company affiliated with at the current time.

This visiting card template has been created using MS Word sized 3.5 x 2 inches. One can use this template as a guideline for making his/her own business card.

Have a look at the preview of this two sided card below

Front Side

Business Card - Front

Back Side

Back Side


Download this Two Sided Business Card

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